Attalla, AL – Today, the Republicans in the Etowah County Legislative Delegation failed to deliver their Band-Aid to stop the Etowah County Sheriff’s Office from prioritizing profits over protections. They ignored the voices of Etowah County residents–and Alabamians across the state–who called for an end to the law allowing Sheriffs to keep excess food funds. Their local bill, HB-520, which failed to move out of committee, would have stopped only the Etowah County Sheriffs’ Office from profiting off inmate food provisions.

In response to their failure, Kyle Pierce, candidate for House District 28, announced his support for a bill in the next session to end the practice of placing profits over protection.

Kyle said,  “If our budgets are so dramatically incorrect that we can provide Constitutionally adequate meals and have money left over, those dollars should be returned to the taxpayers’ pockets, not put in the Sheriff’s pockets. The people elect legislators to appropriate funds–that’s a basic function of the American government–and part of that duty involves acting swiftly to rectify financial mismanagement when it occurs. The people of Etowah county deserve better than this. The people of Alabama deserve better than this.”

You can sign Kyle’s petition calling for the end of this practice at


Kyle Pierce is a Democratic candidate for State Representative District 28 who believes that Alabama deserves better. He is running for State Representative to bring jobs to Etowah County, leadership to Montgomery, and honesty to politics. More information about his campaign is available at