I’m an alternative music nerd. I worked way too long in radio to not have pretty eceletic tastes. Afterall, you can only hear Kenny Chesney so many times. (And, for the record, I’m a big Kenny fan.) Long story short, I listen to random music, and I promise that sidebar is relevant to something. 

Because, this week, I heard a song that struck me.

It’s about what we’re talking about in this campaign.

The song is called Tough Folks by American Aquarium, an alt-country band from North Carolina. The line that pulled me in said,

“And last November I saw firsthand
What desperation makes good people do.”

There aren’t any deplorables: there’s just folks who want things to be better. They’re sick and tired of failed policies that hold us all back. Well, everybody other than big money special interests. 

I, just like you, know that, together, we can make sure everybody has the opportunity to earn a good living. To do that, we deserve better than the Montgomery majority. We can fix our state, but I need your help.

We already have pages more individual donors than our opponent, but we need every dollar to run a campaign that ensures the people keep this seat.

Can you contribute today? Click here.

Always grateful,

P.S. You don’t get much more country than the music video for the song; it was shot at Rockingham Speedway, a closed NASCAR track. 🏁 Right? Watch it here.