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Alabama has suffered from a lack of real leadership. Leaders should look for ways to solve problems, not create additional ones. Your State Representative should be engaged with the issues facing Etowah County  and work to solve them. For too long, Montgomery politicans have just stayed in their own groups without attempting to find common ground. 

Kyle will tackle the tough issues head on and work to find places where we agree, not only where we disagree.


There’s no way to get around it: Etowah County needs more good paying career-style jobs. Our local economy never recovered from the closing of Gulf States Steel over fifteen years ago. The  same tired policies will lend the same tired results. Kyle will enact polices that recruit industry, protect workers, and foster business development.

Kyle will bring jobs to Etowah County.


The current leadership in Montgomery campaigned on a handshake with Alabama. They immediately began using every bit of the power within the legislature to help themselves, not the people Alabama.

Kyle will bring honesty back to government.

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